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Duquesa Marketing – July 2011 Newsletter

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Is Now the Best Time to Start a New Business? 

Securing Professional Help – How to Market a New Product Idea 
Successfully Approaching Marketing Professionals – How to Market a New Consumer Product

I am often asked if these are good times for new enterprise opportunities? Should I wait? Is the economy down too much? Is it a good funding market? Is competition too intense? These and dozens more stated concerns are nothing more than self-imposed hurdles to movement; excuses.
Now is the best time in history to start a business, launch a product or offer a cutting edge new service. Even with relatively high unemployment people still are working and shopping. More business incorporations are established each year than the previous year. Global prosperity is galloping along, with formerly poor countries like China, India and Malaysia experiencing spectacular growth (potential new customers for new products and services) and an emerging middle class developing in many third world countries.
Much of what I just stated might seem at odds with the media presentation of a struggling economy. The mass media knows that bad news sells. It is in their interest to report the problems of General Motors, layoffs, health care benefit cuts and downsizing while ignoring the spectacular growth of jobs and small business around the world. Mass media has a goal of keeping readers on edge; uncertain about the future and discontented. Pay no heed, do your own research on current market conditions if this is a concern.
The opportunity to successfully start a small business, market an invention or new service is always dependent solely on the value, novelty and benefits of the new offering. If there is an under-served market segment and you can identify a niche in a large market category, the time is always right to move ahead.
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Duquesa Quote of the Month – July 2011
 “He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves, and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper”.
-Edmund Burke

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