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Duquesa Marketing Introduces New Client’s Medical Aesthetic Skin Care Brand at HBA Splash Expo

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Contact: Geoff Ficke


Duquesa Marketing Introduces New Client’s Medical Aesthetic Skin Care Brand at HBA Splash Expo

3 Sisters Restorasis® Hydro-BioMimetic Skin Therapy Receives Powerful Response from Beauty Industry Retailers, Bloggers and Journalists

Florence, KY   Nancy Ficke, General Manager of Consumer Product Development and Marketing Consulting firm Duquesa Marketing commented today that by conclusion of the HBA Splash Expo at the Javits Center in New York, her firm’s client 3 Sisters Restorasis® was overwhelmed by the positive response received from the key decision makers in the beauty product industry.

“Retail buyers, shopping channels, popular beauty bloggers and a host of trade journalists kept us swamped for the whole show”, said Mrs. Ficke. “This is tremendously gratifying since so much work and energy has been invested in creating a Skin Care Therapy with a Medical Aesthetic provenance that is different from anything yet
introduced in the consumer marketplace”.

“The proof of performance demonstration that we crafted for 3 Sisters Restorasis drives traffic to the stand”, said Geoff Ficke, President of Duquesa Marketing; Managing Consultants for the project. “Once the self-sterilizing lipid complex is applied and the Restor-Imaging performed the reaction is unanimous as we experienced at HBA”.

“Based on the industry response we experienced at HBA, we will be announcing a number of events that we will attend with 3 Sisters Restorasis over the next few months”, said Alexis Bruning, V.P. of New Product Development for Duquesa Marketing. “The success and support the line is garnering in such a competitive marketplace has confirmed our initial assumptions that this is truly a breakthrough concept”.

Jeanne M. O’Connell, MD. of 3 Sisters Restorasis. This completely natural self-sterilizing lip complex repairs, “aged, neglected, abused and sun damaged skin”.  I saw before and after photos at the 28 day mark of mature women that reminded me of the movie “Cocoon“. The photos were also taken at the cellular level. The improvement was nothing short of extraordinary.

Needless to say, “I’m in”. The next day when I went to work, after one application of their Rehydrating Complex Activator followed by the Self-Sterilizing Lipid Rehydrating Complex, co-workers and clients were demanding to know why I looked so refreshed.

I will be interviewing Dr. O’Connell in upcoming weeks and will find out how we can all get our hands on “her secret sauce”.  Dr. O’Connell, who is 54, has been using only Restorasis for 3 years. (They do, however, recommend using all your usual cleansers, toners and moisturizers). I couldn’t take my eyes off her glowing, flawless skin, and she was not wearing a stitch of makeup.