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Duquesa Marketing Engaged to Provide Project Managing Consulting Services for My Back Pack Tags™

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Duquesa Marketing

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Contact: Geoff Ficke


Duquesa Marketing Engaged to Provide Project Managing Consulting Services for My Back Pack Tags™

Novel Line of Juvenile Products Will Provide Clear Communication For Child’s Dismissal and After School Activities

Florence, KY  Nancy Ficke, General Manager of award winning international Branding and Consumer Product Development Consulting firm Duquesa Marketing announced today that her group has been contracted to act as Managing Consultants for the design and market launch of My Back Pack Tags™.

“We are very excited to begin work on this novel Juvenile Product that will be an important communication tool for all parents of young school children”, said Mrs. Ficke. “The line is very timely. Parents are concerned about school safety amid tight budgets and My Back pack Tags is a fun tool that offers peace of mind to teachers and parents”.

“When we interviewed Nancy and Geoff Ficke we knew they had the creativity and experience necessary to take our concept all of the way to market”, said Kristi Vredeveld, Co-Founder of Cincinnati, OH based MY Back Pack Tags. “Duquesa Marketing has a strong track record in developing and successfully launching Toys and Juvenile

“The plan is to develop complimentary products for the alpha launch lineup, said Geoff Ficke, President of Duquesa Marketing. “We will be ready to introduce My Back Pack Tags in Spring-2013. The line will be supported with a strong sales promotional program”.

Duquesa Marketing Newsletter – June 2012

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Converting an Idea to Income Is a Process That Requires Planting and Fertilization, Not Hope and Dreaming

Under the category of inexperienced blind hope, a surprising number of people that approach my Consumer Product Development group with a new business idea want us to find someone who will buy the concept in its undeveloped form. This always amazes, even after so many years of hearing these vapid elevator pitches. A person has an idea, they have performed little or no due diligence, and they believe it has commercial value. Daffy!

Behind every existing product, service or successful business there was originally an idea. In order to achieve any level of viability and ultimately market success, the idea was planted and fertilized with work, research, investment (money and sweat), strategizing, and so many other necessary layers of work product that confirm the concepts usefulness or lack thereof.

A person that attempts to peddle an idea without conducting necessary due diligence is immediately obviated as a wastrel. Ideas are a dime a dozen, actually they are worth 10 cents less than a dime. The reasons so few people become successful entrepreneurs, even though most people dream of entrepreneurial conquests, is that they are dreamers not doers.

I recently took a call from a supposed entrepreneur who was looking for someone to buy his toy idea. In response to my qualifying probes he was entirely negative. He did not have patent filings. He did not have 3D CAD art. He did not have, or worse, want to build rough prototypes, so, of course, he was never going to have production quality prototypes. Without 3D CAD art and prototypes he was never going to discover manufacturing protocols and Cost of Goods.

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Duquesa Marketing Newsletter – April 2012

Thursday, April 5th, 2012
DUQUESA MARKETING NEWSLETTER                      April 2012
For Successful Entrepreneurs Job One is Getting Started – Not Getting It Perfect
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Duquesa Quote of the Month:
“Most success comes from ignoring the obvious”
 – Trevor Holdsworth
British Businessman
Tip of the Month:
The great University of Kentucky basketball coach Adolph Rupp conducted all practices in silence.
No one could speak unless they could improve on that silence.

The times are obviously difficult economically for many people, companies and organizations. There is uncertainty about what the future holds. Many of us are worried about the “new normal” and exactly where we fit into these norms, if we could define them. There is a certain paralysis of action that accompanies change and uncertainty. This is to be understood.

For entrepreneurs, however, nothing much ever changes. The optimism that must be hard wired into their constitutions is omnipresent. Real entrepreneurs, those that “do”, not just dream, see opportunity behind every tree and under every rock. Most importantly, they act while others strategize, stargaze and pontificate.

We review hundreds of entrepreneurial opportunities every year in our marketing consulting business. But only a hand-full of these ever become functioning commercial entities. At the end of each calendar year, we review every presentation file we analyzed over the previous 12 months. We are always struck by how many excellent consumer products, concepts or services we saw and how few actually move beyond the talking, dreamy, gauzy muddle of the old Texas axiom, “all hat and no cattle”.

The most distinguishing factor we see that separates a successful entrepreneur from the dreamer is the ability to simply get started. I see much better than I hear. Words are cheap. Action is dear. The “do’er” is driven to get started in pursuit of their goals and aspirations. The time is always fine for them to get into gear and move their project ahead.

Making Hobbies Profitable A Boating Enthusiast Invents a Fun Job

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

by: Geoff Ficke
We have all heard some version of the old saying, “find something you enjoy doing and make your living in that field”. For most people that would seem to be easier said than done. Millions of these working Jane’s and Joe’s go to employment that is not physically, psychologically or financially particularly rewarding. They toil to earn a basic living and count the days until Friday, Holidays and vacations.

Clients, students and entrepreneurs often ask me how to they can find a career that is fulfilling, exciting and lucrative. I do not believe there is a road map that one can follow to workplace happiness. However, I do know this; the happiest people I know are self-employed, own small businesses or are extremely entrepreneurial. Often the basis for their success is that they are providing others with a product or service that they themselves created to satisfy a need in their life.

Here is an example of a fellow that is doing exactly what he wants, in the environment in which he is happiest and earning a lucrative income to support his family and a number of social services to which he is committed. Several years ago, a Spanish accountant (that is exciting work) was introduced to my marketing consulting firm. Carlos lived on the Costa del Sol in Andalusia and his passion was sailing. He hit the sea almost every day after work in his Morgan Cutter and spent almost every weekend and holiday on his boat. Carlos often sailed to Morocco, across the busy and treacherous Strait of Gibraltar.

For many years Carlos was an active contestant in sailing regattas (races). He loved the speed, the freedom and the competition. Like most sportsmen that pursue speed he was always looking for an edge to wrench more speed from his Morgan. He raced the boat with as much weight removed from the hull as he could safely risk. He bought specialized sails and endlessly practiced his tacking skills. The faster the boat cut through the waves the faster Carlos wanted her to go.

One morning while sitting on the deck of the Morgan, sipping Spanish Espresso, dark and thick, he observed a flock of birds gliding overhead. He began to process the sight of the graceful birds whisking by, actually bursting into the wind.

Immediately he saw the opportunity, maybe, hopefully, to add a feature to improve the performance of his boat in races based on these bird’s wing angles. He took the boat to berth and rushed to his home workshop.

It took months of tinkering, testing, fitting and retro-fitting before Carlos perfected a design for a stabilizing wing that could be easily attached to the hull of his boat. Finally the day was at hand when he would test the wing in a regatta. His result was stunning. He came first and won Best in Class with his newly enhanced Morgan. He had never experienced such speed.

Initially, Carlos was happy just to enjoy the additional speed and stability in rough water that his wing provided. However, one day he invited a friend aboard. The friend knew sailing and was amazed and thrilled by the performance he experienced on the day sail on the Morgan. He began to nag Carlos about taking the product he had created to market.

This was when we met Carlos. He had a production quality prototype and 3D CAD art for his perfected stabilizer wing and wanted to market the product. He made all of the right moves in choosing a manufacturer, customizing a marketing strategy utilizing a guerrilla strategy, building a realistic business plan and test marketing the product.

The product was initially demonstrated at sailing regattas on the Mediterranean and Atlantic costs of Spain. Orders started to come as word of mouth about the product spread from racer to racer. Soon Carlos had a choice to make: concentrate on selling his product or continue with his number career as an accountant. Easy choice!

Today Carlos life is centered on sailing to marina’s, ships chandlery’s and regattas in Spain and France to demonstrate and sell his wing. He is making as much money as he made as an accountant and is having a whole bunch more fun tacking his boat than punching a calculator.

This is only one anecdotal example of “making your living doing what you love”. We believe that more people could enjoy similar success and happiness by seizing opportunities available in their personal universe. It is a realistic goal for most!