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Duquesa Marketing Client Pedi-Protexx™ Launches at COSMOPROF Bologna to Great Acclaim

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Duquesa Marketing

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Contact: Geoff Ficke


Duquesa Marketing Client Pedi-Protexx™ Launches at COSMOPROF Bologna to Great Acclaim

Retailers and Distributors from Over 60 Counties Flock to Secure Licensing opportunities to Secure Perfect Pedicure Protection

Florence, KY    Nancy Ficke, co-founder and General Manager of international, award winning Consumer Product Development and Branding consultancy Duquesa Marketing, announced today that over 60 major international distributors and retailers have approached her firm to secure distribution rights to Pedi-Protexx, a novel new pedicure accessory beauty product after viewing the line at COSMOPROF Bologna.

“We were overwhelmed at the rousing response to our client’s product and the unique features of the Pedi-Protexx”, said Ms. Ficke. “COSMOPROF Bologna is the largest, most prestigious beauty product show in the world, and the performance of Pedi-Protexx made it a standout in this mega-competitive milieu”.

“The interest in a simple, elegant product which aids in the application of a pedicure treatment was amazing”, said Alexis Bruning, V.P. of New Product Development for Duquesa
Marketing. “We were continually told that Pedi-Protexx was one of the most original, different products at COSMOPROF.

“In coming weeks we will be making a series of announcements as each country’s specific distribution deal is concluded”, said Nancy Ficke. “The interest in distributing this unique pedicure accessory is growing exponentially as a result of the impact the Pedi-Protexx generated last week at the Bologna show”.

Duquesa Marketing Appointed to Act as Managing Consultant for New Line of Pedicure Products

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Duquesa Marketing, Inc.


Press Release

For Immediate Release

October 17, 2011

Contact:  Geoff Ficke


Duquesa Marketing Appointed to Act as Managing Consultant for New Line of Pedicure Products

Award Winning International Consumer Product Development Firm to Launch Brand to retail Market in Spring-2012 

Florence, KY    Nancy Ficke, General Manager and co-founder of Duquesa Marketing, announced today that her Branding and Product Development firm has been appointed to act as Managing Consultants for BvonM llc, an Alexandria, VA based cosmetic accessory design atelier and the launch of their novel line of pedicure products. 

“BvonM owner Dr. Barbara von Mettenhiem has created a simple, elegant answer to a problem that every woman experiences when getting Pedicures”, said Nancy Ficke.  “The product she has designed is a real enhancement to the experience that millions of consumers enjoy when visiting nail salons for pedicures”. 

“BvonM presented us with a wonderful product concept that we have been charged with developing, Branding, Marketing and Selling to the international salon industry”, said Geoff Ficke. “This line has immense international potential as well and we look forward to introducing the brand to our international distributors.

Duquesa Marketing is a one-stop, turnkey service provider to Inventors, Entrepreneurs, small and micro-businesses and multi-nationals specializing in Consumer Products. The Company has over 40 years experience and has worked in all sales channels in the United States and Internationally.

The French Shoe Designer Who Created Modern Works of Art for Feet

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

by: Geoff Ficke
By the end of World War II fashionable women all over the globe were hungering for a touch of romance, and whimsy in couture. The Great Depression and the war years had seriously crimped the ability of clothing designers to produce clothes that were much more than functional. Look at any Hollywood movie of the period and you will notice that the suits and dresses that actresses wore were almost masculine in cut and style. After World War II, and the deprivations that populations had been forced to endure, women wanted a more feminine, flattering style of dressing. This gave rise to the great age of French designers and the ascent of haute couture houses.

Pre-eminent among these fashion giants was the classic stylist Christian Dior. Dior instinctively knew what women wanted, and more importantly, how to elegantly flatter the female form. His post-war collections quickly became the rage among fashion conscious women all over the world. The House of Dior created a classic feminine look that favored cinched waists, full skirts, tailored jackets and vibrant color and rich fabrics. Dior set off these ensembles with coordinated bags, accessories and shoes.

The House of Dior enjoyed a classic collaboration with a brilliant Parisian shoe designer to revolutionize the world of high fashion footwear. Called the “Fragonard of shoe design”, Roger Vivier crafted the most stunning designer footwear of all time. He is most famous for creating the stiletto heel.

Dior and Vivier were looking for a shoe that gave a seamless line to the elaborate suits and dresses that the high fashion world had come to appreciate so much. The heels of that period were clunky, a bit heavy looking and did not flatter the female leg. The stiletto heels that Roger Vivier invented provided exactly the visual effect that Christian Dior was seeking. The ultra-thin, steel spiked-heels, and the narrower shoe body flattered the foot, making it appear more delicate and giving the leg the appearance of being longer, more toned.

Vivier also became famous for his ornamental styling cues. He dressed his stiletto heels with vibrant colored fabrics, pearls, beads, jewels, feathers and other elements. The shoes were created to provide accent to the House of Dior haute couture offerings. Vivier stiletto shoes and Dior dress ensembles became synonymous with haute couture in the late 1940’s and 1950’s.

Roger Vivier died in 1998. He created a style of dressing the female foot that revolutionized the shoe and high fashion business. His designs are considered to be works of art to this day. Vivier’s memory is still honored as examples of his stiletto shoes are on display in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Louvre in Paris.

Roger Vivier did not invent high heeled shoes. His genius was in taking a popular, existing footwear profile and making it sleeker, more desirable, fashionable and sexy. The stiletto high heel has waned and gained in popularity in the decades since they first appeared on the feet of Christian Dior’s runway models after World War II. However, they have never gone away as so many fashion concepts tend to do.

The stiletto high heel is a classic example of a convergent product that greatly enriched the creator. Designers, inventors and entrepreneurs can learn a great deal from such simple convergent products as the invention of the stiletto heel. Roger Vivier identified a styling niche in the high fashion footwear world that was not being addressed by other designers. He filled that niche and put his unique brand on the category niche, an elegantly simple solution that we can all study and replicate.