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Why Are Immigrants So Successful as Entrepreneurs While Fewer & Fewer Americans Even Try?

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

by: Geoff Ficke

Why Are Immigrants So Successful as Entrepreneurs While Fewer & Fewer Americans Even Try? 

This week I had a Speaking Engagement scheduled in Jackson, TN. Upon arrival I settled into my hotel and it being early evening I asked the front desk attendant what restaurants he would recommend for dinner? He mentioned a brand new Chinese place within walking distance of the hotel. I decided to give it a shot. 

The meal I ordered was fairly standard Chinese fare. It was well-prepared, promptly and well served and a good value. The dining experience was acceptable in every way. The cultural experience, however, was eye opening. 

I had engaged my server throughout the meal in light banter. He was a young Chinese man, maybe mid-20’s, his English was barely passable, but he was so energetic and helpful that I wanted to know more about him, how he got to the middle of Tennessee and the story of the new restaurant. He was more than happy, even proud to share his story. 

There were four employees working in the new enterprise. All were young Chinese males and all were related. Their dream was always to come to America and open a Chinese restaurant in a town without much in the way of Oriental food options. They had used the internet to meticulously research small and mid-sized markets where rents would be cheaper, locations visible and busy, and they would possibly find an empty space that still contained some restaurant equipment. They found such a spot in Jackson, a town of about 70,000 people in the middle of Tennessee.

I further queried the young waiter as to why they chose the restaurant business. He replied that many members of his family and others from their hometown had left China to start and bootstrap restaurants in America, Europe and South America. All had worked for some time to squirrel away enough money to pay for transit out of China and have a bit left to start small and build their dream business. The restaurant business is simply the easiest path to economic betterment that is within reasonable reach for many Chinese immigrants. 

The work effort, and obvious diligence that these young first generation immigrants displayed was humbling for me to watch. They had left home, their families and their culture to venture half way around the world and take a gigantic risk on starting a new business opportunity. They had committed themselves totally; every cent they possessed was plowed into the restaurant. Just the language hurdle they faced was daunting, but somehow, they had doggedly gotten the necessary permits, licenses, leases and food service connections organized to open their store. 

This causal experience got me to thinking about other businesses I frequented, and just how many are immigrant owned. My favorite non-chain Mexican restaurants are all owned by Mexican immigrants. I once lived in California. The dominant west coast bakery chain was Winchell’s. Winchell’s once operated several hundred shops. They were put out of business by hundreds of Cambodian owned, independent doughnut stores. The green grocers I frequent in most big cities are typically Korean owned. Vietnamese are prolific liquor store owners.

Pakistani’s dominate in the ownership of convenience stores. Indians overwhelmingly populate the ranks of roadside franchise motel operators, including the one I was using in Jackson.  

All of these immigrant groups arrive here with little money, sparse language skills, and varying degrees of education that are not usually applicable in this country. Somehow they find a way to grab a toehold and through drive, determination and sheer hard work they prove that the American Dream is still alive, at least for those willing to get into the game. 

Virtually of these immigrant entrepreneurs come from countries where there is no social safety net. They must work hard to simply survive. They see an America that too many Native Americans do not see. They see a land where anything is possible, just as it always has been. 

For many years I have owned a Company that provides Marketing Consulting Services for Consumer Product Inventors, Entrepreneurs and small and micro-businesses. We work internationally. Currently we are working in Switzerland, Dubai, Syria, Jordan and London, as well as with American clients. Almost 60% of the client base we have Consulted for over the last 10 years is foreign or immigrant. We notice that fewer and fewer Americans even attempt to improve their lives by taking advantage of the opportunities that our unique capitalist system has traditionally offered: the pursuit of the American Dream. 

For many Americans the economic news is depressing. Jobs are scarce we are constantly told. The middle class is shrinking. There are income disparities. The future is bleak. 

Fortunately the millions of immigrants that struggle to get to this incredible country do not pay attention to the news. If they do they are not being discouraged. They are coming in droves to prosper as they can nowhere else on earth. We are a better country because of their courage and belief in our system. It is unfortunate that more Americans do not share their uplifting outlook.

Duquesa Marketing – July 2011 Newsletter

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

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Is Now the Best Time to Start a New Business? 

Securing Professional Help – How to Market a New Product Idea 
Successfully Approaching Marketing Professionals – How to Market a New Consumer Product

I am often asked if these are good times for new enterprise opportunities? Should I wait? Is the economy down too much? Is it a good funding market? Is competition too intense? These and dozens more stated concerns are nothing more than self-imposed hurdles to movement; excuses.
Now is the best time in history to start a business, launch a product or offer a cutting edge new service. Even with relatively high unemployment people still are working and shopping. More business incorporations are established each year than the previous year. Global prosperity is galloping along, with formerly poor countries like China, India and Malaysia experiencing spectacular growth (potential new customers for new products and services) and an emerging middle class developing in many third world countries.
Much of what I just stated might seem at odds with the media presentation of a struggling economy. The mass media knows that bad news sells. It is in their interest to report the problems of General Motors, layoffs, health care benefit cuts and downsizing while ignoring the spectacular growth of jobs and small business around the world. Mass media has a goal of keeping readers on edge; uncertain about the future and discontented. Pay no heed, do your own research on current market conditions if this is a concern.
The opportunity to successfully start a small business, market an invention or new service is always dependent solely on the value, novelty and benefits of the new offering. If there is an under-served market segment and you can identify a niche in a large market category, the time is always right to move ahead.
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Duquesa Quote of the Month – July 2011
 “He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves, and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper”.
-Edmund Burke

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Duquesa Marketing

Geoff Ficke to Be Interviewed on KBUR 1470 AM Radio Steve Hexon Morning Show on August 8, 9:00 AM CT

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Duquesa Marketing, Inc.


Press Release

For Immediate Release:

August 4, 2011

Contact:  Geoff Ficke


Geoff Ficke to Be Interviewed on KBUR 1470 AM Radio Steve Hexon Morning Show on August 8, 9:00 AM CT 

Duquesa Marketing Founder and Expert to Discuss How to Create Entrepreneurial Opportunities During a Tough Economy 

Florence, KY Alexis Bruning V.P. Sales and New Business development announced today that her Branding and Product Development firm Duquesa Marketing has scheduled another in a series of national radio interviews for Company President and Founder Geoff Ficke. 

“Geoff Ficke will appear on KBUR 1470 AM radio Steve Hexon Morning Show August 8 at 9:00 AM Central time”, said Ms Bruning. “The discussion will be about the opportunity to take hold of your life and career options by exploring Entrepreneurial opportunities that people find around themselves in their hobbies, homes or jobs”. 

“We work with hundreds of inventors, small and micro-businesses and entrepreneurs every year”, said Nancy Ficke, General Manager of Duquesa Marketing. “Many of these people carve out successful enterprises by capitalizing on things they experience in their environment. This is a topic that Geoff is passionate about and is always happy to share with an audience”. 

Duquesa Marketing has assisted numerous individuals and enterprises start and expand Consumer Product opportunities over the past four decades. The award winning firm has vast experience in all Sales and distribution channels in the United States and internationally.

Geoff Ficke Featured on “A Closer Look with Pam Atherton”

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

August 2, 2011


Shark Yourself!

It’s Shark Week, and we’re celebrating!

In an example of great marketing, Discovery Channel took a mundane concept and turned it into must-see TV: SHARKS!  This week you can watch jumping sharks, shark attacks and weird sharks. You can even Shark Yourself! (See photo at right. I could have played with that all night! )

And speaking of sharks, have you see the show Shark Tank on ABC? It’s a show where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to the “sharks” who might invest in their company and take them to the next level.

Well, you don’t have to be on Shark Tank to get your dream product or service out to the world. Our guest on Thursday, Geoff Ficke, has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs make their dreams come true. We’ll talk finding funding and product development, and Geoff will answer your questions on the show.

And have you taken some time recently to recharge? Renie, Sherri and I did just that last weekend when we went to Albuquerque for tequila, Tamaya and trouble! (C’mon, would it be us WITHout the trouble?!) Click here for more about our adventures.

We’ll have more on the fun of Shark Week in the Ponder section below. (Remember to take the quiz!) And Renie realizes she needs to stay away from sales. Click here to find out why.
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Pamela Atherton
A Closer Look Radio

 Thursday, August 4th

You don’t need to be on Shark Tank to make your product or business idea successful!

Do you have a product idea but just aren’t sure where to start? Is your business ready to move to the next level, but you don’t have the connections to make that happen? Geoff Ficke has been helping hundreds of people make their business dreams come true! Companies like Estee Lauder, Sara Lee and Victoria Secret have flourished with his expertise.

This week on the show we’ll find out where to go to get our dream products manufactured, how to find representatives, where to get distribution and more. Got a dream? This week we’ll help you make it come true!

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Thursday at 1pm PT/ 2pm MT/ 3pm CT/ 4pm ET