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Wall Streeet Journal Opinion Page December 20, 2010

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Response to WSJ article “Billionaires on the Warpath” 12/14/2010

William McGurn’s well reasoned counter argument opposing Senator Bernie Sanders shrill inanities is spot on as far as it goes. “When is enough, enough”, also echoed on occasion by our President, should be of no concern to anyone in government.
Enough is enough occurs only when any citizen freely decides that it is. Whether an American wants to limit themselves to the goodies provided by the welfare state (which the Senator Sanders of the world encourage and cheerlead) is their option. Another option is to obtain a limited education, work and produce the minimum to support one’s family and lead a quiet, undisturbed life. Some decide to pursuit maximum educational and career opportunities, work long and selflessly, sacrifice, invent, strive for excellence and take entrepreneurial risks. They tend to do better financially and society, and yes, government prospers from their success.
These three broad examples of lifestyle choices are generally available to all Americans. The strivers, the greedy who do not know “when enough is enough” are the very souls who have built the most productive, prosperous country in history. Contrary to the “spread the wealth” crowd, as long as it is someone else’s wealth they redistribute,  we need more wealth creators and generators. Mr. Obama and Sanders would use the tax code to poison the very fountain of productivity that their insatiable central planning lustings require. That is not fair, it is clueless.
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