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Wall Street Journal Opinion Page, October 21, 2010

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Public Works Compete With Other Beneficial Goals

Dear Sir,
Your very  compelling editorial (October 15, 2010-“Liberalism and Public Works”) does not touch on several other reasons that “shovel ready jobs” are never as beneficial as liberals would purport them to be: the present value of money and Davis Bacon work rules.
In Cincinnati the I-75 bridge over the Ohio River is in desperate shape and is a priority for replacement. If the funding were in hand, and it is not, best estimates are that construction would commence in 2015. Required permitting and studies, lawsuits, environmental regulations and community activists all conspire to delay projects such as this needed bridge, while still running up attendant bureaucratic costs for years. This is a principal reason why public works projects ALWAYS are plodding to get started, come in late and over budget. Who knows what materials and equipment will cost five and more years into the future. Certainly more than they do today! 
The Depression era Davis Bacon work rules, so adored by the left, insure that the taxpayer does not get the best possible job completed at the fairest price. Union wages and work rules hinder the ability of project administrators to consider all labor options when budgeting public works and inflates costs beyond what local conditions often would bear.
President Obama famously said this week what those of us who live in the entrepreneurial private sector have always known; “There are no shovel ready jobs”. The misguided stimulus was like crack for addicts to state, county, city and township politicians. They uniformly chirped, “give us the money, we have plenty of shovel ready projects”. Some seemed to be screaming that their projects were so shovel ready that they had invented the shovel.  Just “give us the money”.

Until the public recognizes and demands that politicians streamline regulatory road blocks, use modern private business efficiencies and allow private enterprise to construct and maintain public projects the most productive country in the history of the world will exist in a self-imposed figure four leglock. In the 19th century James Hill built the Northern Railroad, 1800 miles, dozens of bridges and tunnels, through the inhospitable Rocky Mountains in  four years, on time and under budget using private funds. Today we can’t build a simple highway exchange on time or close to budget.

Geoff Ficke
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Gioello, LLC Contracts Award Winning Graphic Design Firm to Create Branding for New Skin Care Line

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Duquesa Marketing

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Contact: Geoff Ficke

Gioello, LLC Contracts Award Winning Graphic Design Firm to Create Branding for New Skin Care Line

 dP Design Engaged to Collaborate on Creative Elements for Spring 2011 Launch of Multi-Use Anti-Aging Product

Santa Monica, CA Melanie Balestra, CEO of Gioella, LLC announced today that her wellness product research and development firm has retained the services of dP Design to create graphic design elements for packaging, sales collateral, sales promotion and branding for the firm’s Spring 2011 international launch of a new multi-use skin healing product.

 “We have reviewed a number of candidates for the crucial creative packaging elements necessary to brand the line and prepare for the launch next spring”, said Ms. Balestra. “With our managing consultants at Duquesa Marketing, we have jointly agreed that dP Design is the perfect fit based on background, upscale fashion product experience and creativity for our unique needs”.

 “I have worked with Duquesa Marketing on several other high-end beauty projects”, said Diana Puppin, President of Cincinnati, OH based dP Design. “When they detailed the science, research and unique performance features of the Gioella product to me, I immediately got excited and the creative juices started flowing. I can’t wait to see the product in stores and performing for consumers everywhere”.

 Gioella, LLC is a science driven consortium that includes research scientists, chemists and biologists all working as a team to create and isolate uniquely beneficial molecules that enhance consumer wellness and healing. The Company will announce launch details, pricing and sales promotion for the launch later this year.