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Bio-Engineered Skin Care Line Chooses Duquesa Marketing to Manage Development & Launch Regimen

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

One of World’s Most Exclusive Brands, Gioella to Be Introduced
To Ultra-Limited Exclusive Distribution Channels in Spring-2011

Florence, KY Geoff Ficke, President of Duquesa Marketing announced today that his award winning, international consumer product branding, product development, sales and marketing firm has been contracted to manage the launch of the limited distribution skin care product line from Irvine, CA based Gioella LLC.

“Gioella is an unusual atelier consisting of scientists, chemists and biologists that collaborate to develop lifestyle products that blend cutting edge technology with the rarest, most potent herbs, flora and fauna”, said Mr. Ficke. “Searching the world for spectacular elements, these pioneers then bio-stabilize formulary that enables skin care products to harmonize and retain their potency”.

“The launch regimen is spectacular in function and performance,” said Nancy ficke, General Manager of Duquesa Marketing. “The rarity of the herbs, the complexity of the chemistry and the bio-stabilizing process that involves dozens of intermediate stages of product preparation provide an amazing final result. The line will only be sold in the finest international retailers, those catering to a clientele that demands only the very best”.

Duquesa Marketing has been a leading consumer product design, development and marketing consulting firm for almost 40 years. The Company will provide launch details and pricing for Gioella in early 2011.

Gioella LLC Skin Care Announces Appointment of Duquesa Marketing to Act as Managing Consultants

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Bio-Science Originated Technology Will Be Launched to
Exclusive International Retail Market in Spring-2011

Irvine, CA Laura Warren, Managing Director of Gioella LLC announced today that her research and product development firm has engaged the services of Florence, KY based Duquesa Marketing to manage the packaging, branding, product launch and retail introduction of a line of bio-scientifically engineered skin care and anti-aging products. The line is to be unveiled for exclusive retailers in Spring-2011.

“Our science is cutting edge, the research and trials have been wonderfully confirming, “said Ms. Warren. “We have spent months interviewing and reviewing marketing and sales options in the luxury skin care product space. We needed experience in a number of areas and Duquesa Marketing was the perfect consulting partner for Gioella”.

“We receive dozens of skin care projects to review every year,” said Geoff Ficke, President of Duquesa Marketing. “Very few offer a Unique Selling Proposition that retailers, consumers and suppliers can easily recognize and get excited about. Gioella offers that unique comingling of science, simplicity and powerful immediate performance benefits that is required for success in the category”.

Gioella LLC is a consortium of chemists, herbalists and agro-scientists that team to provide cutting edge solutions utilizing the finest in modern technology and the rarest, most exclusive, important naturally derived ingredients. The Company will announce brand details, pricing and launch details in early 2011.

The Peltzman Effect Can Be Applied to Risky Economic Behavior

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

by: Geoff Ficke

Scott Peltzman, an Economics Professor at the University of Chicago, has gained public notoriety for his “Peltzman Effect”. Professor Peltzman believes the benefits of well-intended safety regulations are negated because people adjust behavior in ways that counteract the intended effect of the regulation. They may drive more recklessly, or speed because they feel more protected by seat belts, guard rails, traffic lights, etc. The result may be that risk is redistributed to innocent bystanders.

We live in an ever more risk intolerant world. Government at all levels regularly passes statutes, ordinances and laws to protect citizens. They are always well-intended but often counter-productive. I believe that the Peltzman Effect is as intuitive in economics as it is in the area of government regulation.

We have just experienced the melt down of the United States automobile industry. The causes of this implosion were many and have percolated for decades. However, two of the main reasons are government meddling and the irrationality of the auto workers unions.

The government has legislated dozens of arbitrary safety, environmental and economy measures that car manufacturers have had to respond to. The result, while sometimes desirable, has not always resulted in the production of products that consumers wanted to purchase. Anyone remember the Cadillac Cimarron, or the Chrysler K-Car. This has distorted economic realities and keystone market principals.

The United Auto Workers union has enjoyed a particularly spectacular period of derision, suspension of economic reality and tone deafness rarely displayed in the Industrial Age. Mind numbing work rules and job classifications, paying workers to sit idle (Jobs Banks), work slowdowns and strikes and hostility to change doomed the auto companies, even while foreign makers were building and selling cars successfully right here in the United States.

This week the venerable motorcycle brand, the iconic American product, Harley Davidson, announced that it will leave its home for over 107 years, Milwaukee, if work rules and costs are not brought down by the unions. The Company’s management requested these adjustments in April. They have fallen on deaf ears.

This is a Peltzman Effect type of occurrence in economics. Workers demand, and often receive terms of employment that enhance their security and compensation in the short term. All the while they are roiling their industry and laying the seeds of their own destruction in the mid or longer term.

Harley Davidson has options. States and locales are falling all over themselves trying to lure the Company with tax abatements. How many options does a line worker for Harley really have? Also, consider the suppliers in Greater Milwaukee that feed the production chain at Harley. Their workers are at risk because of the great motorcycle maker relocates. The tax base will shrink. The risk to innocent bystanders is redistributed because of the reckless actions of others.

The Peltzman Effect and its application in business and industry can be seen in case after case. The following once thriving industries and job categories have been largely decapitated in the United States: production of shoes and garments, glaziers, ship building, stevedores, small electrics, sporting goods, toys, steel and autos have been decimated by well-intentioned governments and union contracts.

Capital deploys where it can be most productive. It is fungible. There are no longer barriers to the swift, sure movement of money to any place on earth.
It is time that government and labor realize the realities of this new world and respond with contemporary, creative new proposals to remain competitive in the face of global competition. As Professor Peltzman demonstrates in his theorem, no matter how well intended the regulation or contract, there can be a significant chance of unintended consequences that harm innocent bystanders.

Duquesa Marketing Announces Launch of Novel Juvenile Mess Avoidance Product at ABC Kids Expo

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Press Release
For Immediate Release
Contact: Geoff Ficke

Tops It All™ Multi-Featured Bib/Smock “Long Sleeve Bibs for Active Kids” Will Be Presented for Retail and Institutional Sales

Florence, KY Geoff Ficke, President of Duquesa Marketing announced today that his marketing and consumer product development firm will launch the line of Tops It All infant, toddler and juveniles bibs and smocks at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, October 2010. ABC Kids Expo is the premiere trade show for the juvenile product industry.

“Our clients, Kris and Mike Gabrielson brought us the clever concept that has evolved into the multi-featured Tops It All line”, said Mr. Ficke. The products have been embellished with a useful “oops pocket”, are made from recycled materials, are hand re-washable, with long sleeves and very sweet, whimsical art touches. The little ones love wearing them and parents appreciate the functionality”.

“Every parent with little ones knows that messes happen, whether while eating, drinking or playing with crafts”, said Nancy Ficke, General Manager of Duquesa Marketing. “The Tops It All minimizes the messiness, keeping children and their clothes spic and span in all settings. Test markets have confirmed that Tops It All is an important addition for infants, toddlers and juveniles”.

Duquesa Marketing has developed, marketed and launched products in over 40 consumer product categories. The Company has over 40 years of experience in the United States and International markets, and has worked in all sales channels. Duquesa Marketing offers clients a one-stop, turn key product development service.

Tops It All™ Announces Product Launch at ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas in October 2010

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Press Release
For Immediate Release
Contact: Geoff Ficke

The Multi-Purpose “Long Sleeve Bib for Active Kids”
Available in Retail and Institutional Sales Programs

Clive, IA Kris Gabrielson, Vice President of Tops It All, LLC today announced that her Company would introduce the range of Tops It All bibs and smocks at the upcoming ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. ABC Kids Expo is the premiere trade show for products targeting infants, toddlers and juvenile children.

“We have spent over a year designing, testing and perfecting the manufacturing process of Tops It All Bibs”, said Mrs. Gabrielson. “The product offers unique features and benefits that exceed any mess protection products on the market and the response from parents, caregivers and pre-school managers has more than confirmed our expectations for the products”.

“When Kris and Mike Gabrielson approached us with the Tops It All concept we were impressed at the utility, features and strong performance benefits of the product”, said Geoff Ficke, President of Florence, KY based Duquesa Marketing, managing consultants for the product development and retail launch. “The clever “oops pocket”, long sleeves, re-usability, green recyclable construction and fun, colorful design present retailers and pre-schools with a great new product”.

Tops It All will offer the products in two package assortments. The first package will be for individual sales for retail stores and the second package will be in bulk quantities for institutional sales to schools and day care facilities. Pricing and sales promotion will be announced at the ABC Kids Expo.

Duquesa Marketing Announces Client to Launch Novel Pet Product at H.H. Backer Show in October 2010

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Press Release
For Immediate Release
August 5, 2010
Contact: Geoff Ficke

Multi-Use K-9 Koozie® Dog Comfort Product to Be Based on
Revolutionary HydroCoolix Polymer Technology

Florence, KY Geoff Ficke, President of Duquesa Marketing, announced today that its consumer product development and marketing consulting firm will introduce the K-9 Koozie dog comfort and cooling system at October’s H.H. Backer Pet Expo in Rosemont, IL. The H.H. Backer Pet Expo is the largest pet industry trade show in the United States.

“We have been involved in the evolution of this multi-use, multi-featured product since its inception and are anxious to show the pet industry and retailers K-9 Koozie’s amazing style and functionality”, said Mr. Ficke. “The K-9 Koozie has proven to perform sensationally in field tests, dogs of all sizes love it and their owners are enamored with the comfort features this product finally offers”.

“The HydroCoolix Polymer Technology is a wonderful conveyor of the cooling comfort that pets need and appreciate when at the beach, poolside, on picnics or just lounging on a hot summer’s day”, said Nancy Ficke, General Manager of Duquesa Marketing. “Our client, Brian McClish, has been wonderful to work with as this advanced system has been developed”.

Duquesa Marketing has over 40 years experience in sales, marketing, branding and consumer product development. The Company has worked extensively in the United States and Internationally, as well as with every channel of sales and product distribution.

B. Anthony Core Group, LLC to Introduce New Comfort Product at H.H. Backer Pet Expo in October 2010

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Press Release
For Immediate Release
August 5, 2010
Contact: Geoff Ficke

Multi-Use K-9 Koozie™ to Unveil Proprietary HydroCoolix™
Polymer Technology to Pet Industry for First Time

Tampa, FL Brian McClish, President of B. Anthony Core Group, announced today that his firm will unveil the K-9 Koozie at the October H.H. Backer Pet Expo in Rosemont, IL. K-9 Koozie is a revolutionary comfort system specifically designed for dogs of all sizes. The unit employs a novel proprietary HydroCoolix Polymer technology.

“We have spent a great deal of our time and investment in perfecting a one of a kind comfort product that will satisfy dogs and thrill owners”, said Mr. McClish. “The unit features a completely new, refreshing technology and a number of convenience features that as a whole provide fantastic form and function for use at home, at the pool, the beach or in the park”.

“Dogs love every aspect of the K-9 Koozie”, said Geoff Ficke, President of Duquesa Marketing, managing consultants for the project. “Brian McClish is a passionate dog owner and a committed entrepreneur possessing a real vision to provide pets and owners with a truly unique, fresh experience and HydroCoolix Polymer Technology will prove a fantastic hit with the pet trade”.

B. Anthony Core Group is a design and product development atelier that specializes in highly stylized pet product development. The Company will announce pricing and retail distribution plans for K-9 Koozie at the H.H. Backer Pet Expo.