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Public Relations

A key component in the success of any product or business venture is an aggressive, customized Public Relations program. Publicity offers a unique advantage over conventional advertising. Consumers are bombarded with thousands of ad messages every day. Properly placed and executed publicity provides information, creates interest and response without the obvious sales elements associated with mass advertising. In addition, Public Relations placements are very inexpensive.

Duquesa Marketing co-ordinates complete Public Relations services for each client strategy. A professional Folio is customized for each product, service and client. The Folio is an invaluable tool when seeking funding, alliances or licensing. In addition, we regularly write and circulate Press Releases announcing successes, project developments and news. This is an invaluable tool in keeping your venture in the public eye and documenting growth and progress.

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Included in our Public Relations Service is use of a number of circulation services offering international distribution of our releases. As many as 50,000 agencies and outlets receive information about your product or service. This results in interest, contacts, sales and unusual awareness. A goal of any new venture is to be able to play with “the big boys”. Public Relations create opportunities for new products to appear more mature, successful and interesting.

Public Relations Services are included in all of our customized business plans, marketing strategies and sales models. This is an integral piece of every strategy and plan we create. It works!