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We handle all elements, including:

  • Focus Group
  • Public Relations
  • Video Production
  • Media Buying
  • Product Development
  • Warehousing
  • Copy Writing
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  • Story Boards
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  • Up-sell
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Print Advertorial
  • Sales Models
  • Off Shore Manufacturing

infomercial productionInfomercials

Duquesa Marketing has pioneered in development of a unique opportunity offering small business, inventors and entrepreneur’s the opportunity to affordably test Direct Response infomercial sales strategies. The Infomercial Concierge is a one-stop co-operative of experienced, professional Direct Marketing service providers, completely organized and directed by Duquesa Marketing.

Case Study

The opportunity to penetrate the retail marketplace with any new product can be daunting. Here is an example of a product that successfully utilized the Infomercial Concierge service to gain rapid market exposure.

The Product: Joint Pain Relief Dietary Supplement

Introduction: Traverse Bay Farms, Bellevue, MI is a distributor of Northern Michigan harvested natural foods and supplements. The Company sold through their web-site and a few distributors. Competition in this field is intense, fragmented and claim driven. TBF had developed an interesting joint pain relief gel capsule utilizing a powdered, 100% natural Fruit Advantage Montmorency Tart Cherry. The supplement was accompanied by excellent clinical studies, major university research papers and industry endorsements.

The Problem: While the Fruit Advantage Montmorency Tart Cherry supplement had developed a cult following, was immensely profitable and had no direct major competitors in the space, TBF could not break into major retailers. Slotting allowances, advertising and promotional budgets and sales coverage were beyond the Company’s resources.

The Solution: Traverse Bay Farms engaged Duquesa Marketing after interviewing a number of firms. Duquesa Marketing worked with a clinical laboratory to develop a proprietary bio-engineered phyto-nutrient stabilization process for the supplement: FruiTraction™. The FruiTraction process separated Fruit Advantage from the competition and created a solid niche, or Unique Selling Proposition. Duquesa Marketing utilized its exclusive Infomercial Concierge program and created an award winning Two minute Direct Response infomercial. National media was cost effectively bought and Fruit Advantage tested. The project was on time and under budget.

Product Development InfomercialsResult: The benefits of the Infomercial Concierge are many. In the case of Fruit Advantage these include, a successful test with extrapolation of market size and future profitability, the opportunity to add “As Seen on TV” to sales collateral, interest from major retailers such as Walgreen and planning has begun for a 30 minute production.

The Harvest: Traverse Bay Farms has begun development of three additional supplements targeting other wellness areas. Each of the new products will utilize the FruiTraction™ process to stabilize and enhance ingredient performance. Web-site sales have increased five-fold and distributors in Thailand, Korea and Japan have signed on as exclusive country distributors. Word of mouth, referrals and up-sells from the spot have significantly increased sales.

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